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in the constantly changing economic scenario, organizations are interested in ensuring their products are launched on time with the right quality. meeting go-to-market timelines while ensuring quality is akin to walking on a tight rope. it not only needs upfront planning but also careful execution. this is where working with credible allies who have experience in delivering high quality software on time comes in handy.

to ensure organizations meet their business objective of high quality products delivered on time, c2d soft’s software testing services focuses on understanding your business priorities and then developing a testing approach. our testing approach is built on the principles of creation and reuse of test assets that will improve the quality of product, reduce the software testing time, eliminate redundancy and ensure clients meet their quality and timelines.

with proven experience in functional domain and proficiency in approaches and proven test methodology, we provide comprehensive testing solution for our clients that include:

  • functional testing that focuses on validating the business functionality performs as expected.
  • test automation relying on a right mixture of opensource and commercial tools that ensures faster and robust automation test scripts which reduce the manual testing time thus leading to reduced time to market.
  • application performance testing relying on opensource and commercial tools to identify and help fix performance bottlenecks resulting from inefficiencies in application response time, scalability issues, capacity and volume, robustness & concurrency.
  • specialized testing that includes testing webservices, usability, internationalization & localization (a.k.a. i18n & l10n) and certification testing.
  • test consultancy focusing on small and medium organizations aims at identifying inefficiencies in the existing testing capabilities of organization, working closely with client organizations on defining a roadmap and implementing a testing capability program

test consulting

c2d soft has significant experience in delivering test consultancy services backed by a deep understanding of the complexities involved in designing / enhancing an existing test process model. adopting a well defined methodology that consists of step by step approach to analyze, interpret and execute test process improvement helps us show measurable improvement in the client’s existing test process. as part of this, we provide consultancy services in the areas of:

  • test planning and strategy
  • test estimation and scheduling
  • test scenario definition
  • establishing test metrics programs
  • designing and implementing frameworks supporting large scale reuse of test assets
  • test report and test progress analysis

functional testing

c2d soft’s testing team consists of experts that have deep knowledge in different domains that include banking, insurance, financial services, telecom and isvs. using a right mixture of risk based and scenario based test case design techniques and relying on our huge library of reusable test assets driven by a well defined test methodology, c2d soft offers services that include:

system integration testing focusing on identifying defects / potential failure points by focusing on both component level integration plan and system level integration plan.

end-to-end testing life cycle starts right from discussing with clients on the implicit and explicit requirements, identification of potential reusable test assets and developing effective test conditions by relying on industry standard test case design techniques.

regression testing covering build verification tests and smoke tests consisting of running a set of up to date and predefined set of tests that focus on identifying potential defects that might have been introduced as a result of defect fixing or modification of the code base. these test cases are designed in a manner that helps switch over from manual testing to automated testing in a seamless manner.

customer / user acceptance testing starts with a focused attention on identification of the top priority test conditions / business scenarios by working close with the business users early in the software development life cycle. these business scenarios executed on a continuous basis validates fitness of the application for deployment on the production environment / pre-production environment.

automation testing

a properly implemented test automation suite is one of the most important mechanisms through which the total time to test can be reduced. while the business benefits of test automation are well known, at times, lack of proper planning and experience in implementing automated suites result in failed automation efforts.

c2d soft test automation services are designed and developed by highly capable resources having experience in developing and running successful test automation services for large enterprise customers. using a right mixture of open source and commercial automated testing tools and relying on our proprietary test automation framework that is built for extensive reusability of test assets, we ensure the time required to automate and run the tests is minimized. as part of our test automation services, we offer the following:

  • harvest and reuse of existing assets.
  • incremental software delivery with well-defined milestones, to deliver quicker and with greater efficiency.
  • creation of tangible, representative, small scale proof of concepts ahead of every implementation cycle.

performance testing

performance testing is one of the most important activities. however it is generally a phase end activity marred by lack of proper planning, coordination, definition, strategy and execution during its life cycle. often, this results in product not performing in the production environment.

c2d soft believes that performance testing as an activity that should start early in the life cycle and should be accorded the same level of importance as any other activity. as a logical extension of our belief, we have designed and developed a performance life cycle testing framework that addresses all inefficiencies seen as part of this activity. through our expertise in testing complex enterprise class applications, we will be able to not only define right performance testing sla’s but also run tests appropriate tests that identify potential bottlenecks and performance bottlenecks.

  • stress testing, that helps us determine the extent or impact of failure beyond the normal expected load.
  • reliability testing, that helps us determine the point to which the application sustains graceful performance.
  • scalability testing, to determine the effectiveness of the application scale-up with an increasing load.
  • volume testing, to test the ability of the application to handle huge volumes of data.
  • load testing, to simulate and run a series of tests that simulate a typical business operation with a generally expected load.

specialized testing

we provide specialized testing services in the areas of:

  • internationalization18n & localization10n testing
  • usability testing
  • web services testing
  • nternationalization 18n & localization 10n testing

ensuring that your products cater to a wide variety of clients spread geographically across the world can be a challenging experience, especially if the application has not been tested taking location specific needs into consideration. these include validating the application for compliance with region specific features such as:

  • date and time formats
  • currency formats
  • phone numbers
  • regional business processes
  • legal regulations

c2d soft has significant experience in planning, designing and executing internationalization and localization tests on enterprise class applications. we test your application from different dimensions to ensure the application meets location specific needs.

usability testing

usability is a critical aspect that makes a vast difference to the success of an application in the market. however this is not given the importance it deserves. at niteos we adopt a structured approach that starts as early as requirement gathering phase to identify specific issues that can make the application less usable. this includes analyzing the user profile, user expectations, application complexity, number of business rules, and ease of learning among others.

web services testing

as web services become an important aspect of many applications, effective testing of web services gains a very important place in ensuring success of these applications. niteos understands this challenge and adopts a systematic approach to test components of web services to ensure only the best components move to the production environment. as part of this approach our web service tests consists of the following:

  • sanity testing consisting of wsdl validation, xml syntax validation, wsdl links validation
  • testing web services operations consisting of soap request and response
  • security testing
  • performance testing
  • functionality and interoperability testing
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